1. Yankee Car Show, Lahti Finland, 12.-13. october 2013

The new major exhibition of American vehicles at the Lahti Fair Centre

Lahti's Yankee Car Show, Lahti Fair Centre on 12. -13.10.2013

American vehicle enthusiasts, as well as the uppermost excellence in car restoration and customisation will be brought together at the Yankee Car exhibition on 12.-13.10.2013, Lahti Fair Centre. The event will present, detailed and carefully selected, some of the finest Yankee cars in Scandinavia, as well as the most renowned car builders and companies in the field, both domestic and international. The main attractions of the event will be star guests from the US, the famous creator of customized cars, John D'Agostino from San Francisco, as well as car builder Jimmy Shine, from the So-Cal Speed Shop in California. Both are well known pioneers in the field, as well as being reality-TV stars. The event will also involve Finland's major players and car building specialists, in addition to workshops, as well as a joint evening celebration. The exhibition area will have a demonstration area for customized cars, whilst the program stage will also present entertaining shows.

The new international Yankee car- exhibition will be held for the first time this year, at Lahti Fair Centre 12.-13.10.2013 and annually thereafter. It is also the final large event of the driving season. At the same time, Lahti will also hold the final drives of the Lahti Cruising- season. The event is aimed at the whole family. The main partner is Kemppi Oy, from Lahti, which is a globally well-known Finnish welding company. Kemppi welding machines will be on view and available for testing at the event.

Event producer KK Production will take care of the exhibition stand sales and marketing.

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2. X-treme Car Show, Tampere Finland 26.-27.october 2013


X-treme Car Show
The X-treme Car Show has been regarded as the best car exhibition in Finland and the largest automotive event to be held in the autumn, and will be held at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre, 26. - 27. October. The event that is directed at cars and motoring will present the finest built customised cars, as well as carefully selected show-cars from abroad, major companies and associations of the industry, in addition to new cars and features. According to a TNS Gallup study that was made last autumn, 91% of visitors were satisfied with the event. The X-treme Car Show will be held for the 11th time, and now, for the first time simultaneously, with the spare part and car features exhibition, Kaha Expo, as well as the Supercross Finnish Championship final and the Offroad Expo events. Altogether, the events will utilise a total of 29 200 square meters of exhibition space. The X-treme Car Show is organised by KK Production.

Kaha Expo
Kaha Expo is a trade fair event that focuses on vehicle spare parts and accessories, directed at consumers and professionals. Kaha Expo will present well-known spare parts and accessories brands, as well as display numerous installation and product demonstrations. The trade fair area will also present sports and customised cars, from both Finland and abroad.

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